Riku ("Ansem")
01 December 2024 @ 02:43 am
How am I doing with Riku? Good? Bad? Passable, but...?

Is there any crit you can give me, anything you would like to plot or do you just want to talk?

Well then, just hit me here or over AIM, okay? ~<3

Anon and screening is on; IP-logging is off.

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Riku ("Ansem")
15 December 2021 @ 12:00 pm
While fighting his way through the basement of Castle Oblivion Riku developed the ability to 'smell' the darkness (and consequentially the light) around him; this sense seems to be quite longranged as Riku was able to tell that Marluxia had been defeated, even though there was a distance of several floors between them.

What I'd like to know is, if Riku is able to sense the nature of their heart and what he would sense if he did. Thank you~

Riku ("Ansem")
07 December 2020 @ 11:00 am

4th WALL BREAKING: Please, contact me beforehand so we can work it out?
THREADJACKING: Sure, if you are reasonable about it.

MIND READING: Generally, Riku doesn't have any actual defenses against mind readers; however he has Ansem, Seeker of Darkness aka Xehanort's Heartless lurking in his heart/mind, which I believe would throw a serious backlash at anyone, who tried to prod below the surface. So I guess, tread carefully? In any case, let me know first?
LOCATION SENSING: Riku is in possession of a Black Coat, which according to DiZ obscures his presence to the Organization XIII; so I guess he would pretty much be un-senseable - but as above, let's talk about it when it comes up?
SPECIAL/MAGICAL ITEMS: We'll see when it comes up?

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES: Riku is a capable fighter; he relies more on physical strength than on magic. More information can be found in his
INJURY/DEATH: injury always, but death needs to be plotted out beforehand
WIN/LOSE/TIE: depends on the situation, so lets plot when it comes up

ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: Ffffh, sure if you can work around his enormous issues |D
SEXUAL RELATIONS: uhm, no go (he still is half Disney after all)
PHYSICAL CONTACT: Ffffffffffffh, oh boy sure go ahead. Depending on who you are, he'll be rather uncomfortable about it, but mostly tolerate you anyway.

ANY TRIGGERS/SECRETS/FACTS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT: Anything related to Ansem/Xehanort, the darkness and the Organization will throw him into Overprotective-mode. Never mind all the guilt issues they trigger. >.>;

Riku ("Ansem")
25 December 2014 @ 10:28 pm
Characters: Riku and Puberty!nort
Setting: The Summit in the Land of Dragons
Format: action brackets, because for some reason this wanted to be written like that. Even if it's more. A fic thing.
Summary: Riku's experiences in the tower and resulting attempts to make his universe a better place have caught the attention of a certain Nort. Since Riku has become an unappreciated irregularity, steps are taken.
Warnings: Violence, character death... of sorts

The boy chosen by the Keyblade - Riku. <i>Master</i> Riku now, is it not? )
Riku ("Ansem")
01 February 2013 @ 10:10 pm
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Riku ("Ansem")
14 September 2012 @ 11:58 am
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Riku ("Ansem")
25 August 2012 @ 12:36 pm
+ 1 KHII Outfit
+ 1 spare KHII Outfit
+ 1 Black Coat (slightly trashed) + blindfold
+ 1 paopu in a glass (destroyed and restored after the weather event)

Received in the tower:
+1 stack of loose-leaf paper (destroyed by the weather event)
+1 box of blue ball-point pens
+1 assortment of a year+ worth of notes written during his time in the tower on magic, cast mates, ect. (destroyed by the weather event)
+1 Komory Bat - "Highwind"(occasionally)
+ several shards of a mirror

Death count: 7

1st Death: February 15th, 2012, had his heart taken by AU!Sora
2nd Death: February 29th, 2012, killed during the Hitori Kakurenbo
3rd Death: October 22nd, 2012, killed by Yu during the Trick or Treat event
4th Death: July 15th, 2013, killed while protecting Xion during the Hacking Punishment
5th Death: July 29th, 2013 died of psychoradiation poisoning after escaping processing with a stylus
6th Death: November 20th, 2013, killed in the coffin after being careless while exploring the pyramide floor
7th Death: December 22nd, 2013, killed by Jason after ambushing him during the Into An Abyss-Event
Riku ("Ansem")
30 July 2012 @ 07:51 pm
Default dreamself: Here~

Dream #1: Shadow-stalking/Heroes take way too long naps (lazy bums, all of them!)
Joiner: OoT!Zelda
Dreamscape: Castle Oblivion
Memory: Riku meets Naminé/Riku's choice (possibly, some scenes with DiZ and Mickey ("I'll definitely save ya.")/"It's the road to dawn." maybe?) (R/R)
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Dream #2: Betrayal issues/aaaall the bitterness/Why isn't that guy a chariot?
Joiner: OU!Yu Narukami
Dreamscape: Monstro
Memory: Monstro (KHI)
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Dream #3: Bitterness/self worth issues/ect.
Joiner: Naminé
Dreamscape: Twilight Town
Memory: Played by Ear/headcanon things (likely involving Naminé and DiZ and Riku's time working with them)
Dreamself: Default

Dream #4: Homesickness/The answer that works best for everyone
Joiner: OU!Xion
Dreamscape: Destiny Islands, under the paopu tree
Memory: Sora/Riku/Kairi at the beach (pre-KHI) (?)
Dreamself: Default

Dream #5: Keyblade Inheritance Memories/Possession Issues/Selfworth Issues/Why me?/ect.
Joiner: AU!Terra
Dreamscape: Destiny Islands
Memory: Terra meets Riku/Keyblade touching (BBS)
Dreamself: [personal profile] birthofdawn

Dream #6: Possession/Selthworth Issues/Self-bonding
Joiner: AU!Riku
Dreamscape: Hollow Bastion
Memory: Hollow Bastion (Stealing the Keyblade/being confronted/getting possessed/Sora losing his Heart/defending Kairi) (KHI)
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Dream #7: Bitterness/home/guilt issues/loneliness/ect.
Joiner: AU!Sora
Dreamscape: Destiny Islands
Memory: Destruction of Destiny Islands (KHI/Coded)
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Dream #8: Bitterness/abandonment/guilt issues
Joiner: OU!Sora
Dreamscape: Neverland
Memory: (Villain meeting post agrabar(???))/Neverland (KHI/Coded)
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Dream #9: insecurity/facing 'yourself'/killing 'yourself'/differences between real and 'fake'/ect.
Joiner: OU!Ventus
Dreamscape: Castle Oblivion/Memory!Twilight Town
Memory: Aaaall Replica related stuff
Dreamself: Default/[personal profile] preblindfolds

Reoccurring dreams: Nightmares from the Labyrinth event, slowly changing into Ansemnort, ...possibly some R/R stuff, like confronting the Replica, Lexaeus, Zexion, ect.

Joiner: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Master Xehanort
Dreamscape: Castle Oblivion to start with/later Station of Heart(?)
Memory: None to be relived, but Riku will probably flash back a lot to any memorable moment from the event?
Dreamself: Default
Riku ("Ansem")
31 March 2012 @ 04:13 pm

Tower of Animus is a mid-size, medium to fast paced, AU-friendly panfandom horror game, which takes place in a mysterious tower. After being told their worlds are gone, characters must figure out why they're here and how to escape. Are their homes really entirely gone, or is this a lie meant to make them more complacent? And if this is supposed to be a new home, why is it so dangerous? Hopefully the mysteries of this tower will be revealed, and an escape route made.

WE HAVE: Aqua, Axel, Naminé, Riku, Roxas, Riku Replica, Sora, Terra-Xehanort and Xion as well as AUs of Riku, Riku Replica, Terra and Xemnas.

WE WANT: VENTUS, KING MICKEY, MASTER ERAQUS, Donald, Goofy, Pluto (yes, he's appable), Maleficent, Pete, Yen Sid, Ansem (Seeker of Darkness) or really any incarnation of Xehanort, DiZ/Ansem (the Wise), Vexen/Even, Lexaeus/Aeleus, all the Data!people, the Twilight Town kids, ANYONE AND EVERYONE FROM THE ORGANIZATION, ANY AND ALL DISNEY AND AUs and basically everyone ever!!!! Seriously! We'll shower you in love no matter who you pick up! :D

A note: While we love and welcome all castmates, since Animus is approaching the endgame (closing date: June 2014) the game is becoming increasingly plot intensive and relying a lot on player initiative, so please make sure that you can handle the pace and the setting before apping. Thank you! <3

Reserves are CLOSED and open on November 24th, 12:01PM EST and Applications are currently CLOSED and will open on December 1st, 12:01AM EST

If you have any questions regarding the game or the cast, please send a PM to this journal or just comment to this thread! We also have a test drive, if you want to give the setting a try first! ^^